Guest Room Management System


Save up to 30% on energy bills

Although Guest rooms are empty about 70% of the time, they still account for 40-80% of every hotel’s energy consumption. Fronthill’s consolidated energy management system offers efficiency, versatility and scalability, while offering best-in-class guests’ comfort, convenience and intuitive control.


Improve Guest Comfort and Privacy

Guests can use GRMS to request room service, make reservations at the hotel’s restaurant, and schedule spa appointments maximizing comfort, providing privacy and reducing the need for interaction with hotel staff.


Stand Out from Competitors

Imagine being able to offer your guests a truly unique and personalized experience. This can make your hotel the stand-out choice for travelers, and it can help you to attract and retain more guests.

GRMs Hotel Features

Lighting Control

Door Bell, MUR & DND-fronthill

Door Bell, MUR & DND

Door Access Control​

Blind Control-Fronthill

Blind Control​

Hvac Control-fronthill

HVAC Control​

GRMS integration with PMS-Fronthill

Integration to multiple hotel systems(PMS)

Hotel GRMS- Fronthill

Benefits to the Hotel

  • Improves efficiency
  • Saves energy and operating costs, from reduced lighting and HVAC energy usage
  • All-in-one solution for the entire property/hotel: From guestrooms to public areas and back-of-house
  • Uses room occupied/unoccupied information for guest presence detection, and ensures automated, unobtrusive control
  • Provides integration with other building/hotel systems

Benefits to Guest

  • Enhanced experience for your guests: Create a comfortable, inviting, and private environment, and provide an easy management
  • Bedside and entry keypads provide convenient control
  • Ultra-quiet motors and smooth performance enhance the guest experience