Consultancy Services

Cutting energy bills and carbon emissions

Enhance the Value of Your Building Assets

Trained and certified by leading global certification bodies to carry out consulting services in:

  1. Building commissioning
  2. Green building certification

We’re dedicated to understanding the systems that make buildings work better, and how we can use that knowledge to adapt to the complex needs of the future.

Our technical team are skilled in all the essential systems that make buildings efficient and sustainable.

Our professional services help infrastructure investments last longer and work more efficiently to save clients’ money and increase sustainability for a better world

Our Building Commissioning Services

  • New-built commissioning
  • Retro commissioning
  • Recommissioning
  • Continuous commissioning

Green Building Certification Services

Our green building services include:

  • Feasibility studies for design assessment
  • LEED Certification
  • WELL Building certification
  • EDGE certification

Enhance the value of your building assets and realize the economic, social and environmental benefits of greater resource efficiency – call our team today.

Values We Offer

  • Reduced project schedule and costs with fewer change orders
  • Enhanced occupancy safety, health and comfort
  • Improved system and equipment function
  • More efficient transition from design to construction to operation
  • Greater peace of mind and satisfaction
  • Improved thermal comfort with proper environmental control
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved operation and maintenance with documentation
  • Improved system function that eases building turn-over from contractor to owner
  • Consistent system function when the building turns over from one operator to another