Power & Energy Management

Your Home Simplified And Redefined

Buildings need to be more digital and more electric… starting with Fronthill’s Power Digitalization

Fronthill Engineering specializes in Power Quality Management systems that provides the feedback facilities needed to reduce inefficiencies related to power delivery and energy consumption.

Fronthill provide state of the art Power and Energy management solutions for all building types.

The future is electric and power digitization is getting to us. We retrofit building with smart systems and intelligent devices to lower costs, increase system efficiency and aid accurate decision making.

  • Our system provides High speed real time electrical data, Advanced Alarm collection and aggregation, Historical Trending and Reporting.
  • It ensures a reliable and stable power supply in an industrial, data center, infrastructure, or utility microgrid by meeting demand, maintaining frequency and voltage, as well as grid commitment.
  • Early identification of Power quality events like: Transient voltage, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Voltage sag, Voltage swell, harmonics, flickers, etc.
  • Fault detection and diagnostics

We focus on four areas of expertise

  • Critical Facilities Monitoring: Our EMS systems provides very granular information from your equipment and environment, allowing you to assess and respond to abnormal conditions in a timely manner. They can direct alarms to personnel, building automation systems, or other enterprise systems.
  • Substation Automation: Fronthill Engineering provides real-time tools for managing electrical distribution equipment such as substations, transformers, generators, transfer switches, motor control centers, and variable speed drives.
  • Power Quality Monitoring and Control: Our EMS systems provide owners with the diagnostics they need to proactively address potential electrical problems such as disturbances, harmonics, poor power factors, and system unbalances.
  • Energy Metering: Customers can allocate electrical costs by system, process, or tenant.
  • Energy Audit: Enhance your property, improve efficiency, and reduce costs through our proven Energy conservation measures. Save more than 30% energy from Lightings, Air Compressors, & HVAC in Commercial and industrial facilities.

Smart buildings require smart power

Most public, commercial and industrial buildings are not energy efficient, representing an enormous untapped potential for decarbonization and sustainability efforts, as well as utility bill savings.

Our Power digitalization solutions helps facility management and maintenance personnel make better decisions, resolve issues more quickly, minimize downtime, and use less energy.